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Bead Jewelry

Turquoise nuggets and silver beads suspended from leather cord. Turquoise and silver beads are strung on silver wire.
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Turquoise Bead Necklace Coral and Turquoise Necklace Coral and Turquoise Necklace
Sponge coral, chalk turquoise, natural stone chips, and turquoise colored delica beads male up this necklace that you can wear anywhere.
Green Bead Necklace Green Bead Necklace Coral and Silver Earrings Guitar String Earrings Guitar String Earrings
Recycled guitar strings are used instead of wire to create these stylish earrings. A green glass bead with silver plated grommet as an accent. 2" long 1.25" wide. Silver ear wires.
Green chalk turquoise accented with pink coral, turquoise nuggets and light green quartz beads. Overall length about 17. The beads are fairly large.
Bead Bracelet
Silver loops surround a dangling red coral bead. Dainty and elegant. About 3/4 " long and 1/2' wide. Silver ear wires.
Rose colored glass rondelle shaped beads and round jasper beads make up this wonderful bracelet and earring set
Silver Jewelry
Holiday Jewelry
Amathyst and Silver Earrings
A faceted cut amethyst bead dangles in front of a round, lightly hammered piece of silver. Sterling silver ear wires. Silver circle is about 1' in diameter.
maries_jewels007009.jpg maries_jewels001001.jpg Purple Bead Earrings
A fancy purple, pink and blues glass bead is the focal point of these earrings. The silver ear wire is part of the design so you get just a little dangle. The bead is about .5" in diameter. Small and elegant.
Green Bead Earrings
A glass bead on a silver ear wire. Perfect for spring. Sterling ear wire is part of the design so they barely dangle.
These unusual earrings are created with hammered copper discs with a green Dione glass bead. There is a small orange crystal bead hidden in the silver grommet. Copper wire adds the finishing touches. Overall length 1.25" and 1" wide. Silver ear wire with a copper bead.
Copper and Glass Bead Earrings maries_jewels006001.gif
These earrings are uniquely handmade with a faceted stone bead and a copper disc hammered to give it texture. disc is .75" in diameter. Over all length is 1". Silver earring wire with a copper bead.
Copper and Bead Earrings maries_jewels006001.gif

Marie's Jewels

More Bead Jewelry
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