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As a child I had a fascination with rock and beads. Collecting was what I mostly did. I did make bead jewelry for my friends and family but mostly I collected. I also started a collection of Native American jewelry. I love silver and natural stones. My bead collecting has continued into adulthood and I probably have more beads that I could ever use. I also have a large collecting of rocks of all sizes. When I go to a beach I look for rocks instead of shells and this makes every beach interesting whether itís on an ocean or river. 15 years ago I took a beginning silver smithing class mostly to repair jewelry. I caught the bug and over the years have tried to combine my three interests, silver, rocks and beads.

Another longtime hobby is sewing. As a teenager I made most of my clothes and spent many hours sewing. I have a love of handbags and last year after inheriting some unusual fabric, some very old buttons and a wonderful old Singer sewing machine I began creating handbags with bead and button accents.

Artist Statement

When I fall in love with a piece of jewelry it usually is not what one would call perfect. I like very unusual pieces that look handmade. I have gotten some interesting comments about some of the pieces I wear and I consider any comment a sign that the piece is getting noticed. I want my jewelry to be worn by those that enjoy the usual rustic beauty


All of my jewelry is hand made using mostly sterling silver, rocks, natural stones, ceramic and glass. I will build a piece around any stone I am fascinated with. Iíve even used old buttons.

Marie's Jewels